At Chogou we use the Melco modular embroidery machines which have established themselves has one of the leading embroidery machines in its field. The modular system gives us the advantage over a conventional fixed head machine. Its main benefits are production efficiency, automatic thread tensioning and speed. As well as speeds of up to 1,500 stitches a minute, the efficiency of handling thread breaks, setting up colours and reframing sets it apart from its rivals.

We use full industrial Madeira Needles, Bobbins and Threads, we strive to give you the best embroidered finish we offer, by making sure we use the best materials and select the correct backing materials to support your embroidered logo on your product.

There will usually be set up charges for the embroidery of your logo as it takes a long time to convert your logo image into a stitch file, we always will supply a stitched proof of your logo/design before we embroider your garment if requested.

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